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A New Kind of Listing Site

An Online Marketplace for Sellers and Buyers!

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Ankols Truly Intends to be "A New Kind of Listing Site"!

Ankols is creating the place to buy and sell new and used books, electronics, furniture, clothing, fashion, beauty, pet supplies, movies, games, antiques, crafts, home interior and so much more!!

The Ankols'

Award Programs

ACAP - Ankols Customer Award Program

A program to reward customers for each purchase they make at

ASAP - Ankols Seller Award Program

Similar to ACAP, this program intends to reward sellers for sales they make on

Please Note: Details, methods, implementation and so on are still being worked out.

How Can Ankols Offer


We are still figuring that out but.....

There are abundant stories about the wealth of entrepreneurs, company leadership, early investors, golden parachutes, and more. These stories tell of wealth in the millions, tens of millions, hundreds of millions or even a hundred billion+.

Some companies report amazing profits. One reported profit of $93 Billion for the year 2018.

We are happy to see all this success. We just feel that with some level of our own success, good management, and realistic goals we will be able to give back to those who directly influence that success, that is, Ankols' buyers and sellers.

How can ankols offer the ACAP and ASAP program.

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